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“Since working with AdOne for over 10 years, I have done over 1.5 million direct mail pieces and each time I see an increase in traffic after they are delivered. Using prize boards with codes has been a great call to action for our customers. Working with AdOne is cost effective and time-efficient. I highly recommend their team for their direct mail services.”

Bob Schon, General Manager
Blaise Alexander Ford
Lewisburg, PA

GO DOOR TO DOOR (Every Day Direct Mailer)

Being an attention getter is a great thing when you are talking about marketing and direct mail can help you get attention. Direct Mailers drive customers to your web site, canvas your region with coupons or offer prize codes and incentives to bring new people through your door. Let the team at AdOne work to find the right mix of graphics, demographics and postal services to reach your optimal audience.

You can use Every Door Direct Mail Service to:
-Help reach a location without an address
-Send out local mailings or nation campaigns
-Help build more traffic
-Seek new customers
-Potentially increase revenue
-Help reduce mail preparations costs


According to The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 56% of Americans enjoy receiving mail. Millennials are known for their love of tweets and texts, but they’re not as glued to their smartphones as many would like to think. According to a Gallup poll, a surprising 95% say they love getting physical mail. About 92% of them think it’s easier to read print marketing than digital content. Furthermore, millennials respond to direct mail faster than any other age group—and over 60% of those respondents went on to make a purchase within three months.


According to the DMA 5.1% of U.S. households respond. Businesses are responding to direct mail, too. In a recent response rate report, the DMA found that 4.4% of B2B recipients respond. (This based on transactional data from Epsilon and B2B marketing platform Bizo.)

By comparison, the most popular online channels fall short. Email receives a 0.1% response rate. Paid search has a 0.6% response rate. Social media is at 0.4%. Online display advertising is 0.2%.


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