AdOne Receives AGDA Awards

AdOne Advertising and Design recently received award notifications for 11 different submissions in the 29th Annual American Graphic Design and Advertising competition. This competition is sponsored by American Corporate Identity and recognizes advertising materials which are currently in use by businesses, institutions, individuals or nonprofit groups doing business in the United States; winning designers can be based nationally or internationally. AdOne’s winning submissions spanned several categories including Brochures & Catalogs, Direct Mail, Posters and Wearables.

The design team was recognized in the Brochures & Catalog category for their work on The Bear Lodges Rack Brochure, The 2014 Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Guide, The 110th Anniversary Brochure for the Northumberland National Bank, The 2014 Tioga County Visitors Guide, The 2013/2014 Tioga County Events Brochure, the AdOne Winter Catalog and the AdOne Image Brochure. AdOne also received awards for the Stadium Dirt Designs Direct Mailer and the Friends of Joseph Priestley House Timeline Display Panels. In the category of Wearables, AdOne’s winning shirt designs include Troy’s Auto Sales, Henry Hynoski and Black Forest Inn.

Judging for the AGDA competition is based on concept (is it a good idea? was the work original?), execution (technical skills involved, presentation) and appropriateness (how effective is the work? does it communicate well?). The AGDA panel of judges includes a variety of design/marketing/advertising experts including past winners of American Graphic Design & Advertising, college level instructors, and working professionals that are involved in the business of creativity on a daily basis.

AdOne Advertising and Design is a full-service advertising company based in Sunbury. Their client base includes regional, national and international clients – some having worked with AdOne for over 30 years. AdOne offers print design, web development, advertising specialties and customized apparel.

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Area Organizations Support Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition

SUNBURY: AdOne Advertising and Design and Sunbury Community Hospital & Outpatient Center’s Women’s Imaging Department recently teamed up for a second time to present a check for $2,500 to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition. The money was the result of several area fundraisers and will help the PBCC reach out to thousands of women in PA diagnosed with breast cancer. The Coalition serves these women and their families through statewide educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants.

“Breast cancer can affect and touch the lives of anyone,” said Darren McCool, Director of Radiology for Sunbury Community Hospital. “The radiology staff at Sunbury Community Hospital is here to help.”

In October, the hospital’s Women’s Imaging Department and Healthy Woman program hosted the First Annual Pink Ribbon event. The event was sponsored by AdOne Advertising, Foundation Radiology Group and The Packer House. The Pink Ribbon Event was a day of food, education and advocacy for the community. The program of events included a physician presentation on the importance of early detection of breast cancer, testimonials from breast cancer survivors, vendors, shopping and raffles. The event was held at The Packer House where a four-course brunch was served.

“I believe most families have been touched by breast cancer in some way,” stated Greg Underkoffler, President of AdOne Advertising and Design. “It is the responsibility of every individual to stand up and do their part in finding a cure and the staff at AdOne was proud to help in this way.”

AdOne also produced Breast Cancer Awareness can koozies and worked with various area restaurants and clubs in selling them with 100% of the proceeds going toward the overall donation.

For more information about the PA Breast Cancer Coalition, please visit their web site at

4th Generation Knoebel Publishes First Story

Lauren Muscato, daughter of Joe and Leanna (Knoebel) Muscato recently published her first children’s story. Muscato is a 2006 graduate of Danville High School and later went on to pursue a degree in Television, Radio & Film from Syracuse University. In Roaring Creek Rescue, How Kozmo Met Dexter Muscato returns to her roots and takes her inspiration from Knoebels Amusement Park.

The story is centered on a real event in park history – Tropical Storm Lee caused Roaring Creek to overflow its banks by over 5 feet flooding the park. Benches and ride cars were carried downstream by the flood waters and the park was littered with mud, debris and damaged attractions. But, according to Muscato “Knoebels has incredible resiliency”.

“Through every flood, there has never been a question of whether or not the park will recover,” she said. “Our staff has been extremely positive, dedicated, loyal and supportive of my family in those difficult times.”

In fact Muscato dedicates her story to the staff of 2011 who worked long hours to clean and repair attractions; the park was able to reopen quickly, losing only 2 normal operating days.

Using this real-life scenario as a backdrop, Muscato tells the story of how Knoebels mascot Kozmo met Dexter, a secondary mascot who was introduced in the park in 2012. “The flood was so devastating that it was nice to be able to take back the narrative of this heartbreaking event and give it a positive twist,” Muscato explained.

Muscato initially wrote a shorter version of the story and shared it on the Knoebels web site and Facebook page. Response was so good that she decided to take the story to the next level. She recruited local illustrator, Michael Tobin, for the task.

Tobin, creative director at AdOne Advertising and Design in Sunbury, originally sketched in 1988 the mischievous chipmunk Kozmo who eventually became the heart and soul of Knoebels. Tobin has been lending his artistic talents to Knoebels illustrated literature ever since. “I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Mike, since he designed the characters of Kozmo and Dexter,” Muscato stated. “He knows them so personally, all their little quirks and how to bring their personalities to life on the page.”

The novel is also the first published storybook for Tobin. “For years I have had the privilege of illustrating Kozmo and Dexter in Knoebels ads, brochures and billboards,” said Tobin. “I am thrilled to see the critters’ roles expanded in a children’s book. Kozmo and Dexter already have a good rapport with young and old alike and placing them into a story is a natural fit. Perhaps more adventures lay ahead!”

Roaring Creek Rescue is available for purchase at various locations throughout Knoebels Amusement Park. Muscato and Tobin plan to team up a second time for the 2015 release of Estelle and Rupert Take Flight, a modern twist on the legend of the Tooth Fairy.